With an on-site pond assessment, we look at the entire pond and filtration system in order to prevent the fish from getting sick. Apart from this it is important to do regular microscope analyses which allows you to be pro-active with assessment, which at times it is necessary to quarantine fish and get them back to health which is why we have our Koi hospital.  We also offer monthly contracts.

Water Analyses

We use the latest technology to do water analyses through a photometer. This allows us to accurately understand the condition of your Koi pond’s water. At times it is important to condition the water by the use of Bio Active agents, flocculants etc. in many cases using water plants can dramatically increase your water quality without overcrowding the main pond.


A 24/7 Emergency service is provided for saving fish whether it is for Koi Health reasons or if a pond is seriously leaking. We set up portable ponds on site with adequate oxygen supply using the existing pond water.

Transport and Hospitalisation for Koi fish

There are some very important rules to follow when transporting Koi fish, and we have never lost a healthy Koi in transit. There are occasions when it is required to quarantine fish whilst a pond is being repaired or when sick fish need to be nursed back to health.